House Painting Tools
Guiding a Home Improvement Company

Team ECX guided a Fortune 1000 customer care team to create an effortless experience!

This team understood that the time to move to their Future State was now. The challenges that came in 2020 required an effortless experience due to increased customer demands.

This Fortune 1000 team did not leverage COVID-19 as an excuse to lower their customer's expectations. Instead, ECX and the leadership saw an opportunity to be even more responsive to their customers and business partners while creating a greater view into both the customer and agent experience.



 Creating an Effortless Experience with a Fortune 100 Bank

Banking and Finance institution with over 20,000 call center agents distributed among many different business units.

Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement include:

-Leveraging best-of-breed with every logo located in the Gartner MQ (premise and hosted in their own data center)

-Extending CC software licenses to new business units have led to 7-figure audits $$$$$$

-Downtime has been accepted as just "...part of doing business."

-Management of multiple vendors (Gartner leaders) is expensive and complicated

-Leadership is recognizing the need to focus on core business and not in the call center management, audit and hosting business

ECX worked with this Fortune 100 bank to help them assess technology and build bespoke solutions that allows for the highest return on their technology investment while providing stability, reliability, security and flexibility at the branch level as well as the expanded contact center environment.

A Fascinating Healthcare/DNA Organization

This company has ~400 agents globally and was looking for a way to leverage the following elements to create an effortless experience for their domestic and international customer base:

-Contextual passing of information between channels so customers do not have to repeat themselves <-- true Omnichannel

-Knowledge Management to allow customers and agents to get the answers they need the first time

-Analytics to provide greater visibility into both the customer and agent experience

-Architecture that allows for a 100% SLA

-Modern technology to allow customers to communicate with them the same way they talk, chat, text and FaceTime their friends

-Same customer experience no matter where on the planet the customer is being served

- Strong integrations into CRM to allow for clean agent desktop

We are going to help them build a powerful, elegant communication system that allows customers to engage their brand effortlessly.

Businessmen with Umbrellas
Bringing Insurance to the Cloud

Current State, Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement with this insurance client included:

• Agents both onsite and work-at-home
• Difficult to get REAL-TIME visibility into the agent and customer experience
• Scheduling is not allowing them to meet SLAs
• Members sometimes get stuck in silos when given their channel of choice
• Agents are 'cherry-picking' calls to meet their KPIs

We helped this stakeholder team by leveraging a true omni-channel contact center solution that allows their policy holders to effortlessly switch between channels without having to repeat themselves.

ECX allowed this team to gain real-time visibility into both the agent and customer experience.

Doctor's Appointment
Healthcare and CX

Team ECX engaged a Healthcare Provider wanting  to transform the patient experience. All forms of communication needed to be consolidated into a single cloud contact center platform. The transformation:


  1. Reduced the average handle time of voice communications from five minutes ten seconds to four minutes or less.

  2. Enabled Omni-channel communications mediums across the platform such that patients may choose which medium is most appropriate for the patient’s needs. Those mediums being voice, e-mail, chat and SMS Text messaging.

  3. Consolidated all forms of communications intelligence and analytics into a single platform.

  4. Increased Contact Center availability up time above 99.99%